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Four different 25 questions 6-minute practice
exams to improve your IQ score.
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Ryan (United Kingdom)

When I first discovered the test wasn't free I was disappointed but after paying for it I completely understood why. The overall assessment, practice quizes, and certificate are very professional and make are worth every penny! The practice exams have helped a lot and I feel smarter already!


Jesse (Canada)

Outstanding Test! I received the results immediately and needed some improvement. After doing the practice exams I feel a lot stronger. I challenged my Dad to the exam and I ended up beating him! Woop Woop!


Glen (USA)

This is by far the most professional test I have taken online. I am constantly trying to improve myself and having the Performance Report there to tell me how I did relative to others and the practice exams for improving my score made this purchase worth it. Would recommend.

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